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It's Kenny and Pauliina here for another "Fun fo Under $20" post and today we are highlighting Botanical Gardens.

If you want to get away from the everyday madness we call living then you have to visit Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens was one of the most peaceful places we have ever been to.

The staff greets you with a smile and you can immediately smell the amazing aroma of "Anne Marie's Carraige House Bistro"

Tickets were only $10 per adult and you get to spend all day in the Garden.

You are also allowed to bring food. This is a great opportunity to grab a blanket and a picnic basket and enjoy a beautiful lunch on the grounds.

There were so many different gardens we had a blast. You really get an opportunity to stop and take in God's wonderful creations.

The color schemes and aromas of the garden overload your senses as you step from the desert to the rain forest.

Our favorite place to visit was the Japanese Tea Garden. We loved it so much we vowed to build one in the future.

This garden is called the "Kumamoto En Garden"

It is an authentic Tea Garden that was donated from Japan.

Pauliina is from Finland and this was a wonderful experience for her. She got an opportunity to see so many plants that don't grow in her native country. It was also a great opportunity to see some of the beauty Texas has to offer.

Many people look at Texas as a dry, wasteland with just oak trees and ugly drought plants.

Well, the Botanical Gardens says different.


One of my favorite gardens was the "Butterfly Plants" . I don't know what it is about Butterflies but they are beautiful. The garden is full of plants that butterflies love so they are everywhere. Don't miss this garden.

The Brotanical Gardens also has an area where they grow different types of fruits. They had lemons the size of our heads. Unlike my sneaky wife, DO NOT take any fruit! You will get in big trouble. (She didn't really take anything)

Please visit the Lucile Halsell Conservatories. They are beautiful and include some amazing plants and trees. This almost $7 million dollar conservatory is home to many plants that cannot survive in Texas weather so Botanical Gardens built their climate around them.

Us goofing around in the conservatories.

The Botanical Gardens is a great place to visit. I have lived in San Antonio for almost 20 years and have never taken the time to visit this amazing garden. If you are like me, please take the time. Plan to have lunch there and if you are alone bring a book or music. This is one of the most peaceful places in San Antonio.

They also have an exhibit right now featuring carniverous plants. These are the little guys that eat insects. They are some of the coolest looking plants I've ever seen. Make sure you don't touch them. They are very fragile and the gardeners will tackle you if you do :-)


Before you leave, make sure you visit the gift shop. They have a ton of great gifts for you to bring back home or give to your friends and family.

Parents: We would probably leave the kiddos at home. Too many delicate or dangerous plants. If you can imagine your kid falling in the pond or grabbing a venus fly trap out of the pot, you might want to have them sit this one out.

Couples: Perfect for a first date. This place is so peaceful and beautiful you it's almost romantic. Bring a blanket and picnic basket to enjoy your day. Walk around, hold hands, and take her through the rose garden :-)

Singles: If you are into botony this is perfect for you. Put some headphones in and let the stress of the day float away. If you're having a rough week also great for someone who may not be a plant enthusiast but just wants to relax.

Our Rating System: (1-5)

Rating: 4 1/2

We will see you next time for our next "Fun for Under $20"


We love spending time together and documenting our journey. The best thing is that we have found a way to earn a living while seeing sites and traveling. Click the image below to find out how!


Today we had a great time riding bikes in Downtown San Antonio.

For our Fun for Under $20 Series we took a ride with "B Cycle San Antonio"

Check out their website here ---> B Cycle San Antonio

If you have ever experienced downtown San Antonio, then you know it's a beautiful place full of fun, food, and history.

"B Cycle" is giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor trails of Downtown without having to lug your bike around. 

You can stop at one of many kiosk (Like this one pictured), slip in your credit card and you are ready to go.

Bike rental for the day is $10/ per bike (24 hours)


Here are a few tips:

  1. Bring some beverages. B Cycles all come with a huge basket on the front end to hold items.
  2. Bring a snack. The trails can be about an hour long so it's good to bring some protein in case you get hungry and want to save on money.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing. You don't have to look like Lance Armstrong but make sure you aren't wearing heavy clothing or you will find yourself a hot sticky mess and ready to go home.
  4. Download the B Cycle App (Pictured below) here you can find where the nearest B Cycle station is.

                                                     *VERY IMPORTANT*

Make sure you check in your B Cycle EVERY 30 minutes or you will be charged. We don't know why, but I'm sure it has something to do with inventory and updating their system. Either way, after 30 minutes we started getting these text messages saying we were being charged.

Naturally they were ignored because we rented our bikes for the day. Well... we were being charged for every 30 minutes because we did not check in our bikes. The lady at the front desk swears she told us but trust us, we would not forget information like that. (On a good note, she erased the charges)

Don't forget that! Check in your bike every 30 minutes!


There are a number of trails and bike routes you can take. We suggest the "Missions" trail. You can journey to San Antonio's historic mission sites and you will also pass by the park if you want to have a picnic.


After the Missions trail we made our way down to Blue Star. (Be Careful because there is a lot of construction going on right now)

There are many places in blue star to check out

We stopped by  Halcyon for a few drinks.


Don't forget these great places while you are there...

Blue Star Brewing Company

La Tuna Grill (Across the street)

Liberty Bar (On S. Alamo)

FEAST (On S. Alamo) - Feast is probably one of our favorite places in Southtown

The Friendly Spot (On S. Alamo)

Rosario's (On S. Alamo, Try the chipotle chicken!) - They are also opening one off of San Pedro right before 410


Parents: This is not really a kid friendly activity. Not safe for kids to be riding around downtown. Leave the kids at home on this one.

Couples: Awesome first date option. Great time for long term couples. Make sure you're well rested and enjoy the day. Be ready for a slight workout and stop by a bar and get a drink.

Singles: Go buy a bike! :-)

Our Rating System: (1-5)

Rating: 4



We love spending time together and documenting our journey. The best thing is that we have found a way to earn a living while seeing sites and traveling. Click the image below to find out how!

Kenny and Pauliina here with another "Fun for Under $20"

Today we went to the "Palladium" a Santikos theatre.

The Palladium is a fantastic facility.  We personally think that it is the premier theatre in San Antonio. When you walk in you not only feel like you're taking a trip back in time but the atmostphere and quality of building is magnificant.

Now we know that everyone has been to the movies but if you're visiting San Antonio, make sure you check out this specific theatre. When you walk in you can experience Starbucks quality coffee to Gelato. They have their own M&M store as well as a fully stocked bar (The Agora Bar).

Pauliina having fun with one of the chipmunks

Ok Siskel and Ebert step aside...

Now for our movie review.

We went to see the early showing of "Bad Grandpa"

Cost: $20.00 (For 2 tickets)

First off we must say; we are not huge fans of the Jackass crew and this is  Johnny Knoxville film.

I (Kenny Johnson) am personally not a fan of the show and didn't think it was that funny.

With that little disclaimer out of the way....the movie actually was entertaining. You won't find yourself falling out of your seat with laughter and I don't think they will be winning the award for "Best Comedy" but Pauliina and I were very entertained. The pranks ranged from magic tricks to fart jokes.

We tend to go for comedies with a more intellectual humor but don't pass up this opportunity to laugh at their toilet humor. The reactions of the by standers are hilarious and these boys sure do have balls (You get that when you see the movie!)

I wouldn't put this ahead of the other great movies out right now but it's worth seeing if you want to just have a good time.

Parents: Leave the kids at home. They won't know what's going on and they will probably end up making a bunch of noise and annoying everyone.

Couples: Not a first date movie (Unless she's really cool guys) but if you have been together for a while and don't mind the crude humor, go enjoy yourselves and laugh at dumb humor.

Singles: This is a good time to get your buddies together, order some beers and laugh your butt off. You can even go solo on this one and you won't look like a loser.

Our Rating System: 1-5

Rating :  3



Kenny and Pauliina

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For about a month now I have been working on the weekends with a company called Redemption Racing Productions (Check out their website)

Monica's story is one of sadness but also perserverence. It's a story of tragedy but also strength. I'm amazed at people who can experience something like she has and press through the adversity when everyone tells her chances are slim.

Monica was training for an Iron Man competition in 2012 after completing her first successful Ironman the year prior when an elderly woman hit her from behind. 

She suffered a severe spinal injury and was told she has a 2% chance of walking again.

Well guess what? Today I witnessed her strap on leg braces and walk a mile. I'm amazed at her will and strength in the face of such a tragic event.

Visit her website to learn more about her benefit

Monica's Benefit

Here is a picture of Monica walking the finish line...

Redemption Racing's Equipement is state of the art

If you're looking for a great timing company make sure to call Redemption Racing

It's always a pleasure to be a part of great charity events. For more information please visit the websites and find out how you can help out or be a part of a cause. Life is so much more important than just working and caring for your own family.

Take a little time to help others in need and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

We hope you enjoyed today's post


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I stumbled across this video and as a student of marketing I don't think I've ever seen it done like this before. The guys at TNT have taken their marketing to a new level!

Enjoy :-)


The events take place in the Netherlands but how awesome is this?

So the story is that TNT finally launched in Flanders, Belgium and they decided to announce their launch with this little "Drama" button.

Whoever pushes the button is immeditely overtaken by a series of events that are so over the top Michael Bay would be jealous.

There have been some pretty clever campaigns but this is geniues (and probably ridiculously expensive).

Either way this makes me wish I lived in Belgium.

All of the scenes are a recreation of one of the shows on TNT and I'm sure everyone in the Netherlands will be tuning in.

It's good to see Marketers changing their approach and really focusing on social media.

The videos like the one posted in this blog were marketed using social media and have gone viral.

Way to go TNT...give your marketing department a raise!

Who would have pushed the button?

Let me know your thoughts....

Kenny "The Mad Hatter" Johnson

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