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My name is Kenny and best known to my friends as the “Serial Entrepreneur”. All that means is that I have tried it all. I’ve dabbled in Real Estate, Construction, Furniture design, Marketing, and even franchising. From the age of 17 I have loved building businesses. It’s been a passion of mine ever since I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki that changed my entire life. My father was in the United States Air Force so as a little boy, I used to sit in his office watching movies about fighter pilots. I had dreams of one day sitting in an F-16 as an officer in the military. Well Robert Kiyosaki changed my life. He introduced me to the idea that I could build my own business and create my own rules.

In 2013, I married my best friend Pauliina, and we started a wonderful journey together.

We were building an E-commerce business on Amazon averaging over $20,000 in sales per month when we looked at what you’re going to see today. Once we saw it, Paullina took over our E-Commerce business full time so I could focus on this new project.


I’ve done a lot over the past 10 years and looked at a lot of businesses. I’ve told myself I’d never look at another business like this and said “No” to so many offers from huge people in the industry. I haven’t felt this way since I started my entrepreneurial path when I was 18 and fired up about the future. I feel 18 again! Coming back from my recent trip to Dubai and actually spending time with people who have done things I can only dream of in business has really opened my eyes.

Usually these types of businesses have a NEED component. “I need you for a promotion.” “I need you to make money!” “I need you to join for my quota!” This is not a NEED business. It’s an OFFER business. I’m offering you an opportunity to be a part of something this industry has never seen.

Pauliina and I with some of our friends just arrived
back from a company trip In Dubai

Real people, real friends, real life changing results, press play on the video below to see the amazing team you will be joining, we look forward to joining you on the next one, when we start taking this business to the top together.

Many People Are Walking Away From 7 Figure Incomes To Do What You Are About To See Tonight

Kristian: Theres a lot of money up for grabs,

John: Your gonna look back on today, as the last day you worry about money, this is a 8 figure to 9 figure play, this is not for the weak.

Kristian: I was happy to meet this guy Matt Trainer I’ve heard a little bit about him.

Matt: I saw something that nobody else had seen yet, it’s the diference between me doing my little 8 figure SEO business and a potential to do a Billion dollars and the timing is perfect, it’s all about timing.

In 2 years from now it will be too late.

John: With a holy straight face, he say’s where having a game, we are looking to beat Microsoft, in creating more millionaires.

I’ve made more money in direct sales than anything else in my life, in my world what I look at is, how can I best help people make more money.

Kristian: If you like what you see tonight, you will start to see some people who are involved and go holy cow that guy’s there, she’s there are you kidding me.



John: This is consumer focused, not distributor focused, I want you to keep that in mind, in a situation where your making profit, based on money they are already spending, on stuff they are already buying without even thinking about it and it doesn’t even have to cost them a penny, to give you money.

Matt: Thee quickest fastest simplest way i’ve ever seen to make money online and its infinitely scalable.

John: If you ever thought its not what you know its who you know, if I could only be in the right place at the right time, this is it.

Everybody wins everybody.


Tar’Lese and Matt Trainer the $40 million dollar man
gives an overview of this amazing business

Watch this video to also hear how an 18 year old and
another Millionaire are so excited about this opportunity.


This team I have joined is, full of top internet marketer’s motivational speakers and much much more, one of the main team members Matt in this video is a legend in the internet marketing field and Frank Kern described him as his secret weapon.

By the way Frank Kern is like the president of the internet marketing world if his name did not mean anything to you ☺

WUKAR Team D.N.A 15 min Dubli Overview


If you would like to WORK DIRECTLY WITH US and this incredible team I suggest you TAKE ACTION NOW! There has NEVER been a better time to take action than TODAY!



In the words of my mate Kristian:

Kenny Johnson has been really fun to work with. Very efficient, conscientious, and perceptive. I work with a lot of people and Kenny has always stood out to me as a born leader who really cares about people and is willing to do whatever it takes to lead his team the best possible way.


Florida. USA

That day is finally here!

Imagine being able to help customers save money, while simultaneously providing them an opportunity to earn money every time they purchase the items that they already buy every day anyway! Now you can!

We are working with one of the world’s largest e-commerce network marketing companies that is filling a huge need in the marketplace with an amazing concept. As a matter of fact, the need is so big that we can’t get the word out fast enough! This is where you come in.

This is a unique opportunity for you to earn substantial up-front income, as well as build a tremendous residual income stream from either marketing memberships to customers or by going out and building a marketing team of your own while taking full advantage of this amazing opportunity.


Job Security… Do You Have a “Plan B?”

A global potential for earning an exceptional income with one of the most unique and revolutionary compensation plans in the world.

This is a global marketing company that offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to build a successful career or second-income business by generating profit from the millions of products and services that people buy online every day.



Partner Program:

You can also offer a co-branded Partner Program opportunity to large companies and organizations that have a substantial online customer base and could benefit from having their own branded travel, shopping mall and entertainment portal. Imagine how much revenue you could earn by attracting thousands of customers all at one time!

With this opportunity, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You CAN build a successful business of your own, and we are here to help. The company has built a strong foundation of support for you with industry-leading training, cutting-edge tools and technology, its own corporate university and television network.

Non-profit Organizations
can register for FREE

Home Based Business

This Gives You The Opportunity
To Build A Tremendous
Residual Income Stream.

While most companies spend millions of dollars a year on television commercials, celebrity spokespersons, and other types of advertising, this company has chosen the most powerful and effective marketing strategy in business today –Direct-Selling, Relationship Marketing. This strategy allows the company to pay out commissions generated from the member’s online transactions instead of spending it on advertising.

Imagine if you got even a small piece of the revenue every time someone did a search on Google, or every time someone made a purchase on Amazon. The income stream would be almost unlimited. Now you have that same type of chance by sharing in the revenue every time a customer purchases items that they are already buying every day anyway. This is your chance to finally cash in on the exciting world of e-commerce, through this amazing company with travel, shopping and entertainment portals, plus lots more.

Home Based Business

With us, you are truly building your own
“company within an established company.”

Home Based Business

As you build personal customers, they will refer others to become customers too due to the tremendous earnings gained from the cash bonuses they can receive from the customer referral program. Soon, you will begin to see your customer base grow exponentially without any borders, with all of these new customers counting as your personal customers while you make money on all of them! Also, as you introduce new Business Associates into your personal marketing channel and they start building their customer base the same method repeats itself, and can earn you money on your organization’s customers as well. As if that isn’t exciting enough, you can also bring in large companies and groups through the co-branded Partner Program and really experience the incredible income potential of this opportunity.

Whether you are looking for a part-time or second income, a regional marketing organization or a global marketing network, the choice is yours.